The Cultural Experience

Your Cultural Experience begins: May-October 2019 (Wednesday-Saturday)

We are currently taking reservations. 


“The food was delicious, and the lessons were informative, interactive, well planned and interesting. The pace was appropriate with time for our (many) questions.”

                      —J. Feltmann—Summer 2017 Guest—


Our guests will begin their 3 hour cultural experience with a delectable Navajo traditional dinner, prepared by our two expert Navajo chefs who are experienced in all aspects of Navajo cuisine.



Following dinner you will be treated to 3 educational sessions:


cropped-site-icon-21.jpgAn Introduction to Navajo Cultural Foods

Navajo cuisine is simple, basic, and hardy.  In this lesson you will learn the foundations of Navajo Cultural foods.  In addition, you will learn to prepare our famed Navajo Fry Bread.

cropped-site-icon-21.jpgNavajo Weaving 101

Navajo weaving is renowned throughout the world.  This session will teach you the basics of Navajo weaving.  From the wool to a work of art.

cropped-site-icon-21.jpgNavajo Dance (the Pow-Wow)

Pow-Wow dancing is distinctly Native American.  You will observe a colorful and mesmerizing Pow-Wow dance and receive a tutorial on the performance.  You may even get to try a dance.



After the educational sessions our guest will return to the pavilion for closing remarks.


“I appreciated the presenters’ sincerity–they had a genuine interest in helping us learn about [the] Navajo culture and traditions.”

                      —J. Feltmann—Summer 2017 Guest—

 We hope that you will take advantage of this unique cultural experience and if you have any questions please feel free to contact us directly or through your travel agency.


 Additional Information:

For a more intimate experience, large number of guests  will be divided into 3 smaller groups who will rotate to each session every 20 minutes.


*Please Note:  Weather conditions can affect the schedule and cancellation is possible.


*Please Note:  A trail will take you to certain sessions and wearing comfortable shoes is advisable.

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