Navajo Paintbrush is a small Navajo owned company, with the purpose of educating by sharing the unique Navajo culture through experiences in traditional food, art, and dance.


 “I felt as though I had been welcomed into their home, NOT just some tourist!”

                                                                                               —J. Feltmann—Summer 2017 Guest—


Navajo Paintbrush is conveniently located between the renowned Canyon De Chelly and the legendary Monument Valley in the small community of Rough Rock (Tséchʼízhí), Arizona.  Tséchʼízhí lies beneath the rugged and fabled Black Mesa known to the Navajos as Dziłíjiin (Black Mountain).  Dziłíjiin has been the center of many Navajo folklore and still hides ancient secrets.


Navajo Paintbrush is named after the brilliant-red desert flower (Castilleja) that blooms after the first rains in April and grows abundantly throughout our property.  Furthermore, our residence has superb views of Dziłíjiin and offers you and your company a unique Navajo experience that few tourist are allowed.


We invite you to experience and embrace this unique opportunity to learn the traditions of the Navajo culture as you tour the Southwest.

Contact us directly or through your travel agency to schedule your visit navajo-paintbrush_flower_business-card2.